Pliski, Pedro Alonso Pablos' creations website. Pedro made the first talk show on the net and he has made four animated feature films almost entirely by himself so far
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Pliski feature films

My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend
Feature film - an emotive movie about childhood
The path of the elephants
Feature film, discover Africa's best hidden secret
The lake of oblivion
Feature film, a romantic and philosophical film
Feature film, discover the hidden city of the elves

Pliski shorts and series

Daga bailaora
Mini series
Inside a sheep's mind
Mini series, absurd humor 13+
Madrid Piano Bar
Medium-length film - dedicated to jazz music and the city of Madrid

Historical and/or literary films

Becquer's legends
Mini series, adaptation from poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer works
Bison stampede
Short, the Cave of Altamira animated
Cuentos de la Alhambra
Mini series, adaptation from Washington Irving's work
Doctor Pelayo's epigrams
Mini series, the history of epigrams with many samples
El lazarillo de Tormes
Mini series, adaptation from the anonymous short novel
Mini series, with the ceramics of El puente del Arzobispo
Life of Aesop
Mini series, the life of the famous fabulist Aesop
Ovid's Metamorphoses
Mini series, world famous latin poem
Tales of Trujillo
Mini series about the city of Trujillo, Spain
The call of Junipero
Medium-length film, life and work of Fray Junipero Serra