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Doctor Pelayo's epigrams

Doctor Pelayo and his friend Mr. Augusto, businessman, and both members of a high society association of Madrid (in the style of the old English clubs) in the second half of the nineteenth century, discuss the history of epigrams as a literary genre, with many samples of them, most from Castilian language tradition, but also mentioning some from Oscar Wilde (of the tradition of the English language) and the Latin poet Martial. With the special intervention of the young Marquis of Tunisia (fictitious marquisate). In the film, 16 and a half minutes long, jocular comments, such as epigrams, are thrown at all levels of society, including the level to which protagonists belong.

The film uses photographic images from that period belonging to the archive of the National Library of Spain. is currently the only authorized site in the world to legally acquire a copy of this film.

Includes English and French subtitles in a separate file. Downloadable edition at Pliski
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