General terms of sale of products in the Pliski Store

To buy our products

Browse our online store and buy through it. Registration is not necessary to complete a purchase, although it may be interesting for possible recurring or continued purchases.

Countries from where you can buy our products

We support the following territories: America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay. Europe: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Andorra, countries that are within the European Union (Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Sweden). Asia: Japan, South Korea, Israel, India. Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Invoices, Taxes, Payments

You will receive an invoice during the purchasing process. The marked price is the final price of the product for the user. If the digital product is purchased from the European Union, the price will include VAT (21%). We currently accept payments through our collaborating payment management system Paypal, which accepts credit or debit cards and operates in many countries around the world.

Returns & Exchanges

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: Our digital products cannot be returned once they have been purchased, due to the digital nature of this type of products, and in accordance with Spanish retail law. If the product download does not work correctly, a new file will be prepared manually and made available to the customer.

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: Please contact us within 14 calendar days after receipt of the order. Pliski is not responsible for the cost of shipping exchanges or returns. The product must be in perfect condition, unused, and with its seal/packaging if any.

CDs and DVDs can only be replaced with the same product, if it is defective.

About digital products

GENERALITIES: Our films will be available for direct download from this website when the transaction has been carried out; We will send a link to a .zip file ready for download by email. The digital product consists of the .zip file with .mp4 HD720 file/s for the videos and .srt files for subtitles and .mp3 audio files if these are included in the product. For the correct viewing of these files, we recommend the open source player Vlc. The files can be downloaded in five minutes with a good internet connection. Although our files have been tested with different antiviruses, Pliski declines all responsibility in this regard.

WHAT CAN I DO WITH THE DOWNLOADED FILES? The downloaded files are copyrighted and owned by Pliski. Each download is considered a copy of the audiovisual material and can be viewed by the buyer unlimitedly, and can also be copied privately by the buyer. However, the buyer cannot publish, lend or distribute the work in any public place, such as the Internet, even if it is free. It is understood that the material will be used domestically. For public exhibitions, please contact us. The files are not marked with any digital signature, copy protection or tracking system.

Shipping of physical products

CARRIER: The physical products for sale in this store are sent by Certified Mail. Pliski will send an order tracking link on the carrier's page.

PRICE: The shipping cost will be calculated automatically during the purchase process, and can range between €5 for Spain and €20 for more distant countries. For orders over €100, free shipping.

PREPARATION AND TRANSIT TIMES: Pliski will use a maximum of 5 business days to prepare and ship the product. Delivery times are variable and range between 2-3 days for Spain or a month for distant countries.

CUSTOMS: It is possible that in the transportation process, and when the product enters the final destination country, extra customs costs may arise that will have to be paid by the customer to receive the product.


When purchasing a digital product on this website, Pliski will collect the following data: name, physical destination address, physical billing address, telephone number and email address. This information will be managed by Pliski for tasks related to the purchase and shipping of the product. Pliski may share this data with third-party companies whose headquarters are located in Europe or the United States in order to provide the service. Pliski does not collect banking information or credit card numbers. The user, by using this site, accepts the additional legal and privacy clauses set out on this page.

Customer care

We work hard to provide the best service to our customers. So if you encounter difficulties during the process of downloading our files or need any other help related to our service we will be happy to assist you if you contact us. For any request, please contact us.