Hand made premium animation

Welcome to Pliski, the distribution company of the animation created by Pedro Alonso Pablos (from Spain). Here we have all works that have been translated to English or are silent.
arabian_nights_225x158TALES OF THE WORLD - Link to its viewing site in Filmin.es (in Spanish – for Spain). A collection of tales from every part of the planet, especially western tales, some of the Arabian Nights tales and soon some Aesop’s fables and Chinese ancient tales. Trailer on Youtube.
el_lazarillo_de_tormesEL LAZARILLO DE TORMES – 21 minute long mini animated series based on the short novel with the same name. Link to its viewing site on Filmin.es (in Spanish, for Spain), on Amazon.com (with English subtitles, available for the US), Pliski Theater, Filmotech (rest of the world); trailer on Youtube.
enlamentedeunaovejaINSIDE A SHEEP’S MIND – Absurd humor animated series.  Available at Filmotech.
thumb_300x300UNTOLD TALES – A collection of short animated films entirely created by Pedro Alonso Pablos. THE FALLEN FAIRYSTORY OF AN OLIVE TREETHE KING’S SCEPTRE
ChampibabyCHAMPIBABY - We encourage you to visit our Champibaby website to enjoy our “chill-out cartoons and fashion designs for babies and moms”.
ECARDS, ANIMATED GIFS AND EMOJIS/EMOTICONS TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS - We ecourage you to visit our eCards section to watch and share with funny messages.
OTHER WORKS BEING PRODUCED - Please visit our Spanish Youtube Channel for trailers of series currently being produced.