What’s an emoticon video?

What’s an emoticon video (or emotivideo (or emoticlip))? It’s a tiny little video that you can send through an instant messaging system as if it was a motion emoticon with sound.

When did it all start?

This concept has been hanging around the internet for some time, and they are often called emoticlips, depending on the country. The main reason for their existence is that animated GIFs are so difficult to insert on some messaging applications like Whatsapp. Instead, videos are playable on most smartphones, and it’s a good idea to send them through WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or other instant messaging apps.

How to download them

On Android, Windows Phone, surf Pliski.com and directly download the tiny video file. On iPhone you will need a download app that you can find at the application store, or download it from a computer and then email it to your mobile. Once you got it in your phone, you can send it to all your friends!