Pedro Alonso Pablos

pedroalonsopablosHi! This is Pedro Alonso Pablos. Welcome.

I was born in Madrid and I have attended college at UPM’s Faculty of Architecture and UCM’s Faculty of Journalism. Later I have worked for several multinational companies, like Grey (advertising agency) and Universal Music (record label).

Then I’ve been making websites. I have collaborated with some Spanish entities like the Spanish Army Museum (Museo del Ejército). Among my personal projects I’d like to mention the portal called FreakSpain, which became a referent on the entertainment scene in Spain in 2004-2005. I directed and produced some video interviews to Spanish and International celebrities for that portal, when Youtube didn’t exist! These interviews, which can be watched on this page, represent almost for sure the first talk show on the internet. People like Santiago Segura or Álex de la Iglesia (successful Spanish filmmakers), or Guillermo del Toro, Brian Yuzna and Keanu Reeves  were delighted to be interviewed by me. Currently the portal FreakSpain has reincarnated into

Thereafter I’ve focused on fulfilling my dream as a child: make animations. I’ve developed a technique with which I can personally perform most of the operations needed to create a complete animation, including music; although I’m glad to collaborate with voice actresses for female voices. This technique is called solo filmmaking. I’m currently developing mini animated TV series of topics I like, for example the series Inside a sheep’s mind (absurd humor), Tales of the World (classic world tales) and El lazarillo de Tormes. I’ve also made videogames in the past, but I’m currently discontinuing the making of videogames.

In 2016 I’ve released my first feature movie, “La ruta de los elefantes” (“The Path of the Elephants”) through Filmin for Spain and at Amazon for the US, which is one of the first feature movies made almosth entirely by just one person (me).